Professional Thai massage


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History of Thai Massage:

The history of Thai massage goes back over 2,500 years. It is believed to have originated with the Buddha’s personal physician, Jivaka Komarabhacca. Ayurvedic techniques made their way from India to Thailand, combining with traditional Chinese medical practice to become what we now know as Thai massage, an essential element of traditional Thai medical practice.

Thai Traditional Massage

Thai massage focuses on the manipulation of circulation and pressure points to promote internal health and muscular flexibility. ​

Thai Hot Oil Massage

Thai hot oil massage is a good choice if you are primarily interested in relieving physical and mental stress and do not require the vigour and intensity of traditional Thai massage. Using hot oil, the practioner will apply a combination of firm and gentle stimulation to relax your 


Thai Foot Reflexology

Thailand is a cultural crossroads and the development of Thai foot reflexology has been influenced by over 2000 years of Indian, Chinese, and Japanese practice. In Thai foot reflexology, the internal organs of the body are stimulated 


What They Say


Thank you, Tiya, for a wonderful Hot Oil Massage! It was a most enjoyable experience – I felt a combination of being both energized and relaxed! You worked very hard to relieve tensions throughout my body. It was definitely worth driving from Duncan to enjoy this massage! Appreciatively Bridget

Emma Lindgren

Highly recommend! Wow! What an amazing experience one of a kind stands out massages for sure. My Fiancé and I had a couples massage, very professional, and a thorough technique. And a warm ambient atmosphere. Thanks so much ladies.


I had a great Thai hot oil massage here. Located in a cute neighbourhood near me. Warm, friendly environment and professional service. I plan to go back often and am looking forward to trying some of the other services like the scrub, aromatherapy massage, etc.


Tiya was extremely kind to me over a mix up with my coupon. Her massage skills are exemplary, she is very aware of your needs and tender spots. Her massage is thorough and skilled. An excellent experience. I shall certainly return